Our Plan

The Competition

DEBUT is a US based competition, strictly for undergraduate students. The competition requires teams to identify a clinical problem and build a fully functional prototype to solve it. The deadline for submission is May 2020.
For more information, visit https://venturewell.org/debut/

The Project

The team's current project is designing and prototyping an exoskeleton for the workplace. The purpose of the exoskeleton is to correct posture and reduce the load for the back and shoulders. The exoskeleton will be able to give users a 33% mechanical advantage, up to a full lift of 75lbs. This exoskeleton will also track motion and give feedback to the user to prevent repetitive motion injuries and unhealthy range of motion injuries.

The Team

Joining our group will not only provide you with invaluable research experience. You will also gain great team building experience. On top of this, you will have the opportunity to meet unique and inspiring individuals.

The Future

With ALEX being our first major project, we hope to develop various biomedical technologies in the upcoming years. Optimizing ALEX dc to pneumatic optimizing devices for prosthetic users.


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